After years of diving into various forms of meditation, psychological models, and physical improvement techniques, the Goldenair session was the most impactful, holistic, transcendent 60 minutes of my life.  Chris has thoughtfully crafted previously disparate practices into something truly powerful.  I now know that I can go deeper.  I can believe further.  I can release more.  And I feel like my two sessions to-date are only the beginning. 

- Jamieson GRAY

Chris is an incredible teacher.  In his workshops you feel held, led, and opened.  His way of explaining the technique makes it accessible to first timers, and his guidance makes transcendent experiences possible.  Everyone should have this experience.

- Amy Jin


The power and catharsis that results from a mere 30 minutes with Chris Keener and his Goldenair method was astounding. Chris’ thoughtful and masterful guidance creates an experience that is truly enlivening.

- Charlie Coleman


Chris’ breathwork is one-of-a-kind — a unique mix of a mind and body journey. He combines traditional breathwork methodology with his own energetic, insightful, and generous guided meditation. I want a mini Chris next to my bed to guide me in all my meditations and manifestations. My day would have 1000x more  positive vibes.

- Lauren Cucinotta

Chris’s Goldenair breathwork methodology is thoughtful, intentional, and executed with a full heart and deep passion to help people feel loved and transformed. From the moment we started, I felt comforted and safe to take this journey for the first time. By the end, I was moved and overflowing with joy, connectedness, and a sense of community that is hard to find in other experiences. Thank you for your gift!

- Houston Kraft

I'm an overthinker, over-analyzer, and generally always trying to find more ways to calm my mind and be present. I knew that breathing was helpful from previous yoga and meditation practices but this truly opens a whole other incredible layer of relaxation, clarity, and self-love. Chris is a fantastic teacher and helped me explore a new realm of myself and my body.

- Jackie Hyland


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