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Breakthrough breathwork sessions that

access your most elemental resource to

keep you strong, resilient, and shining.

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I was put on this Earth to create heartfelt, and often humorous, experiences that inspire people to contribute their own gifts to humanity. 

Through breathwork, some people have big emotional shifts, or release what's holding them back. Many experience relief of illness and physiological benefit. More than a few find joy, confidence, and deep gratitude.


It's important to me to guide with an awareness that life is sacred, and profane. Goldenair is where the two meet, spectacularly. Breathing can be science...  and transcendence.

Whether you're new to breathwork or a regular practitioner, spiritual seeker or hesitant skeptic, or just trying to show up more fully in your life, I can't wait to work with you.


Breathwork refers to many techniques where we breathe in a conscious and systematic way to benefit. Goldenair breathwork sessions mine the gold from ancient pranayama traditions along with modern breathwork practices. The art, the fun, and amazing effects emerge from varied sequencing of these techniques. We most often use an easy-to-learn, yet powerful 3-stage breath to give the critical part of our brain a rest. Accessing a non-ordinary state of consciousness, we may find new perspective, shift old patterns, and emerge with renewed energy and direction.  People often cite their first Goldenair session as one of the most powerful singular experiences of their lives. Remarkable things happen when we give our attention to the breath that sustains us.



60-75 minute workshops guide participants through Goldenair breathwork and integration. 90-180 minute extended workshops include group-galvanizing exercises designed to promote connection. I also collaborate with world-class movement instructors and musicians to create tailored activations. Reach Out!



Mindful breathwork sessions and educatinoal speaking engagements for the co-workers you care about. Programming ranges from 'best practices' for every day wellness to culture-transforming communal breathing experiences. Now available on live digital platforms for at-home engagement.



Private virtual or in-person 60-75 minute sessions lead individuals or small groups through a Goldenair breathwork sequence. With enough space to lie down, it can be done almost anywhere. Let's discuss any questions and we'll start a dialogue to co-create an amazing experience.


Chris is truly a born-leader. His consideration during this activating session inspired me to resolve a conflict I'd been tip-toeing around for years, that very same day. Inner bullshit look out: Chris had me fully embracing myself within and then actually go out into the world and do something with that.

Corinne Wainer, Co-Founder SHAKTIBARRE

Chris's breathwork class was an extraordinary experience. It was like I was breaking down emotional and psychological walls and truly present in a way that is very rare in my everyday life. I've never felt anything like it.

Colleen Denny, MD

It was a completely freeing, near out-of-body experience that helped me and everyone in the class to reconnect with the best versions of ourselves. I am not a crier but in Goldenair I found a cry of bliss and peace. I kept thinking, "If only my family was here..."  Hopefully soon they will be!"

Nick Fitzhugh, PGA

Film Producer



In a few short months back in 2015, a traumatic house fire nearly killed me, a frozen pipe left my apartment flooded, and my fiancé left me for greener pastures. I considered myself a confident, resilient guy, but I was reeling. I knew I should be grateful for the gifts of this life, but I thought more and more about checking out. 


On a concerned friend’s urging, I took a breathwork class with JP Crimi. I grew up in Philly with a highly attuned bullshit meter, so I was skeptical. The experience was one of the most profound of my life. In a mere half-hour of breathing, I was able to access an inexhaustible source of inner strength. I had a brush with transcendence, and felt bliss I didn’t think possible. I floated out of the room with actionable steps to get my life on track.  


I began a deep-dive, training in breathwork practices ancient and modern. My mindset improved drastically with each modality and my priorities clarified. I was called to synthesize these tools and make them accessible to everyone - not just yogis and meditators, but skeptics, bros, CEO's, and the underserved. I guide those who seek it through a sequence that works well for me. It seems to help them, too. I call it Goldenair. 

As a dancer, yogi, meditator and surfer, I believe embodiment is foremost in well-being. As director and executive producer of the Netflix series ‘We Speak Dance’, I work across borders motivating conscious movements. As host for outlets like National Geographic and Travel Channel, I specialize in educating in a way that is accessible, actionable, and a wee bit hilarious.  And as a friend and ally, I look forward to connecting. 

My Journey Inwards
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