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Accessible Guided Experiences with Chris Keener


Relieving stress and burnout so your greatest resources can thrive.

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"We programmed a Goldenair session into a weekend retreat after I had attended my first breathwork session with Chris this year. Most of the guests had no idea what to expect. It was THE thing that brought a diverse group together and elevated our event. I'm still getting amazing feedback about Chris and about the breathwork. It was an experience that has forever changed my life."

- Kitty Medina, Founder


How do you manage anxiety and stress on a team? 

When hard conversations or conflicts happen, what tools do you have to move away from anger, avoidance, or blame? 

How to do you promote openness, curiosity and non-judgment?


How do you actually DO mindfulness? 

BREATHWORK. Everyone from yoga teachers and business leaders to soldiers, firefighters, and elite athletes rely on breath techniques. I'm going to teach you some of the most powerful and accessible breathwork techniques we humans have to 'mine our inner gold'. 

  • Newfound meaning and purpose

  • Improved relationships

  • Stress/ anxiety relief

  • Relief from physical/ emotional pain

  • Increased access to creativity

  • Feelings of bliss & awe

  • ​Higher productivity and focus

  • Lowered absentee rates/ employee burnout

  • A more positive working environment

  • Increased efficiency

  • Boosts in morale

  • Team bonding and empathic connection 


Like anything game-changing in life, breathwork takes effort. The techniques are simple, but require pushing through some personal resistance (some techniques more than others). This is why Chris is such a sought after guide in the private sector: he’s got a direct approach that meets people wherever they are. Often, the most hesitant participants and skeptics have the biggest results and breakthroughs.  

Chris trained with master teachers including Wim Hof, Brian Mackenzie, JP Crimi, Master Phuoc Phan, Laird Hamilton & Gabby Reese, and brings this wealth of knowledge to bear.  He simultaneously educates with science, motivates with passion, and comforts with kindness or a turn of phrase. He’s guided thousands of people from all different backgrounds through the profound experience of conscious breathing. 

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"Our Goldenair event brought together a room of entertainment executives and business leaders to do something they wouldn't normally do. Chris took them on a masterful and inspired journey. The feedback was some of the most positive we've ever had - participants were deeply moved, motivated, and profoundly grateful for the experience. I can't recommend Chris's Goldenair Breathwork highly enough."

- Elexa Ruth, Events Programming Manager 


Currently sessions available via Zoom or desired platforms.


Chris begins every session with an introduction to orient participants to the process. Since some methodologies of breathwork can be challenging, it is important to build trust, consensus, and excitement for the journey ahead. He outlines how breathwork typically affects the mind and body. 

The breathwork is done either seated, or lying down on the floor depending on the scenario. Carefully curated musical playlists help to motivate and inspire. Chris provides coaching throughout the process, keeping participants on track to have the best experience possible. 


All sessions close with a deep, restful guided meditation.  Sometimes there is time for integration, where participants have a chance to share about their experience or ask questions. Community is reinforced, and strong new bonds are forged.

"I almost didn't program breathwork because I was afraid it was too 'out there' to do at work. I'm so glad I did. It was leaps and bounds more effective than other 'team-building' exercises we've done in the past. Since the session, the office has definitely grown closer, and there's been a lasting creative buzz". 

- Sara Moss, General Manager

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